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Volume 38 | Issue 1 | Winter 2012

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Volume 38 | Issue 1 | Winter 2012 | “Spirituality: From Rights to Relationships”

In this issue, we present a strong collection of articles that truly offer a deep examination of spirituality, including stories from self-advocates. While people may express a favorable attitude toward an inclusive philosophy, it is the practice of inclusion that is of the most importance. Spirituality is no different, a number of religious organizations have “open door” policies, but ensuring that people with disabilities can participate is another matter. The point here is no to criticize policy, but to bring attention to the necessity of policy accompanied by authentic action to include. 


  • Jacob Artson, You Have Probably Never Met Anyone Like Me.
  • Myron Otto, More Than a Handshake and a Hello.
  • Milton Tyree, Bill.
  • Rud Turnbull, Jay at Plymouth Church.
  • Cindy Merton, Inclusion from the Inside Out.
  • Hazma Jaka, Growing Up: Islam, My Childhood, and Disability.
  • David Grossman, Hedda Morton and Sharon Brookes, Adath Isreal Welcomes Everyone. 
  • Lidda Merrill, Strategies for Supporting the Spiritual Lives of Individuals with Disabilities.
  • Karen Jackson, Beginning an Inclusive Congregational Network.
  • Bill Gaventa, The Untapped Potential of Inclusive Spiritual Supports: From Unknown to Know.
  • Erik Carter, Courtney Taylor, Melinda Ault, Belva Collins, Harold Kleinert, Milton Tyree, Recent Research on Inclusive Spiritual Supports: What We Know and Where We Might Go.