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Volume 36 | Issue 2 | Spring 2010

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Volume 36 | Issue 2 | Spring 2011 | “The Productivity Fallacy: Eliminate Sub-Minimum Wage.”

This edition of Connections is devoted to employment for all individuals with disabilities. Employment has been a core concern for our organization since the earliest days of our existence. TASH is one of the lead voices, and is working closely with the Collaboration for the Promotion of Self-Determination (CPSD) to promote “real” jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and to put an end to sheltered workshops, where people with disabilities are congregated, segregated from mainstream employment, and not provided with jobs that match their interests, needs, and skills.


  • William Phillips, Triple Play: Discovery, Education, Employment.
  • Lisa Mills, Medicaid Infrastructure Grants and Integrated Employment: A State Initiative
  • Ellon Condon, PASS Plans: A Valuable Resource in Transition to Employment for Youth with Disabilities.
  • Michael Callahan, The Productivity Fallacy: Why People Are Worth More Than Just How Fast Their Hands Move.
  • John Butterworth, Frank Smith, Allison Cohen Hall, Alberto Migliore, Jean Winsor, Just Do It: Are We Making Progress in Improving Employment Outcomes?