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Volume 34 | Issue 2 | March/April 2008

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Volume 34 | Issue 2 | March/April 2008 | “Mountain Movers: Making Schools a Place for All Children"

The articles in this issue of TASH Connections reflect recommended practices in inclusive education for all students. The article by Michele Haney and Annie Cox on the CHIME preschool discusses effective components of inclusion for young children. Recipients of the Breakthroughs in Inclusive School Award, Julie Fabrocini and Amy Hanreddy, describe what makes a highquality fully inclusive elementary school. Carter, Cushing and Kennedy extend the discussion to inclusive high schools by describing the benefits of peer supports for all students. The article by Ben and Renee Adams reminds us of the critical role family members play in obtaining inclusive placements for their children. Finally, Drs. Taschner and Donahue provide a step-by-step process for transforming a typical middle school into one that welcomes all students in all settings and activities.


  • June Downing, Inclusive Education: Why is it Not More Prevalent?
  • Michele Haney and Annie R. Cox, Preschool Inclusion: Strategies for Implementing Effective Programs.
  • Julie Fabrocini and Amy Hanreddy, When All Children Learn: CHIME Charter School's Collaborative Model for Special Education.
  • Erik W. Carter, Lisa S. Crushing, Craig H. Kennedy, Promoting Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships Through Peer Support Interventions.
  • Ben Adams and Renee Adams, Inclusion: One Family's Perspective.
  • Cathy L. Taschner and Kimberly R. Donahue, Whose Mountain Is It? Twin Valley Middle School: "The Mountain Movers".