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Volume 34 | Issue 5 | September/October 2008

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Volume 34 | Issue 5 | September/October 2008 | “Taking Action: How Each of Us Can Make Change Happen"

This issue of TASH Connections focuses on a variety of ways in which people have chosen to devote their advocacy efforts. In some instances, people made a deliberate decision to work on an issue because of where they work or what is happening nationally. Others find themselves unexpected advocates for an issue because of life circumstances.


  • Andy Imparato, The Underutilized Power of the Disability Vote.
  • Bill Smith and Kristen Phillips, Advocacy Through Teamwork.
  • Mark Johnson, Taking it Personally.
  • Isabelle Zehnder, Advocating for Positive Change: Children and Teens Abused in Residential Treatment Settings.
  • Robert Silverstein, Top Ten Tips for Disability Policy Change Agents on How to Influence Policymakers and the Policymaking Process.